Kit - 28 Day Cleanse

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The 28 Day Injury Recovery / Cleanse Kit provides the vital nutrients, education, and structure needed to jumpstart your recovery by cultivating intensive cellular healing & repair.  Follow our roadmap, step by step, to rebuild healthy tissues, reduce pain and inflammation, stabilize blood sugars, and detoxify your body.  Enough product is included for two daily meal replacements, detoxification, and inflammation control.

Each 28 Day Injury Recovery / Cleanse Kit contains:

  • 3-Pure Plant Protein
  • 2-Pure Digestion Plus
  • 1-Pure Greens
  • 1-Ωomega Plus Capsules
  • 1-InflaMedix Capsules
  • 1-Pure Cleanse
  • 1-28 Day Injury Recovery / Cleanse Guide

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